Public / Municipal



Recycled Waste Materials Transfer Station


1381 Kennedy Road, Lake Forest, IL


  • City of Lake Forest

Services Provided

  • Surveying
  • Civil Engineering – Construction Documents
    • Site Grading
    • Site Utilities

Project Overview

After receiving feedback from citizens on how the city could increase their dedication to the environment and sustainability, the City of Lake Forest decided to expand their recycling services. This expansion required the need to make a new recycled waste materials transfer station on city property. The idea behind this transfer station is that existing city garbage trucks could be reused and solely dedicated to collecting recycled materials. The trucks would all dump the recycled material at one location where it would then be collected and moved into a tractor trailer. This reduces the carbon footprint of the operation by only having one truck leave the city limits instead of each collection vehicle. Bleck designed the station so that a front end loader could push the recycled material up a ramp and into a tractor trailer. The area was surrounded by netting to reduce the amount of debris leaving the area. The weigh scale for the trucks is powered by solar energy.