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Dalitsch Pond Enhancement
Dalitsch Pond Enhancement
Bleck Dalitsch Pond Enhancement Engineering
800 N. Field Drive, Lake Forest, IL
2010 Lake County Stormwater
Management Project of the Year
Dalitsch Pond Enhancement ~ Civil Engineering and Land Surveying
City of Lake Forest
Stormwater Management ~ Civil Engineering and Land Surveying
Services Provided
Assist City in obtaining project funding
Civil Engineering - Construction Documents
Assist City in Bidding & Negotiating Phase
Assist City in obtaining permit approvals
    Corps of Engineers
    Lake County Stormwater Management
Construction staking and layout
Construction Engineering
Stormwater Management Bleck Engineering
Project Overview
This 3.62 acre site was a former 1960’s borrow pit used for the construction of the Illinois Tollway. There are 199 acres tributary to the Dalitsch pond. Based on its location, the pond was identified as having potential to filter and improve water quality entering the Middlefork Savanna Wetland. The objective of the project was to preserve and protect the high quality Middlefork Savanna Wetland by improving water quality entering the wetland. The Middlefork Savanna is considered the highest quality tallgrass savanna of its kind in the nation. The site also provides habitat for the Blanding’s turtle, a threatened and endangered species.
Dalitsch Pond Enhancement Bleck Engineering
The project included converting the existing pond into an emergent complex. This was accomplished by raising the bottom elevation of the pond and creating varying planting zones including:
    • Blanding Turtle Habitat (deep open water)
    • Aquatic
    • Emergent
    • Upland Dry Prairie
    • Wet Prairie (shallow mudflats)
Beck Stormwater Management Dalitsch Pond Enhancement
Shallow mudflats were used to maximize the flow path length from the primary inlet to the outlet. Funding sources included IEPA 319 Grant, Lake County Stormwater Management Commission - Wetland Restoration Fund, City of Lake Forest, Lake County Forest Preserve, and Lake Forest Open Lands.
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